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..10:32:33 / 2007-10-15
I will be cutting back on my Boxers.I have a couple Females that place in Foster Homes, that will be use, when I think I have the proper breeding thought out.. As my Health permits; I hope to come back in what I believe in the temp. and so on that I have been able to get, thats all said below!!!!!!! These are the Boxer I Become To Love and Trust and Love to Have around!!!! And the Right Boxer at my side and Family !!!! Fred

I have had Boxers 1985 + years. Early on with talking with some of most Exeperince and knowledgeable Breeders and studying and experience I have learned, led me toward the imported Boxers. The Boxers I have is what I want in regards to Temp.; Workablity; and Substance. My Boxers I try to get comes from the German and European lines along Beligum and Holland along with the Old East German lines There has been plenty of breeding with these lines; . My Breeding tends for the Harder dogs with more social aggression and Drives , But at the same time Clear Headed. Iam NOT Looking for Boxers, That Have ALL-SHOW LINES Which may other "Breeder's believes" too think thats the way your working Boxers Breeders in Europe are going too and breeding... You can have working lines and still get a ZTP,correct F. C. I. Conformation Standard. Although I Health test my dogs in many area's and when I Import or buy a imported puppy or when its time to sell a puppy I do all that needs to be done that I am getting/ or selling a Healthly puppy / Adult. I believe that by waiting and learning and going out and buying the Best possible and Breeding too the Best ...but its still up to the "Man up above" !! Also the need to look at the dog and parents and see what they been producing you will end up with a Great Boxer . I have the Working Boxer , your looking for with the correct FCI conformation standard, along with substance, tough strong character, with nerves of steel ; and of course a Great Family Protector and Loyal Family Companion. The Boxers I imported in the past as adults were title, and puppies I imported came from title parents, as myself I did not do much schutzhund training. My dogs I have now and in near future will be train in Schutzhund to build a foundation , then train for bodysuit training and too the highest degree of Personal protection training and to do the real street work to a point. This my Decision... "This is what I want in my Boxers" And people that get pups from me will be 100% content in knowing what kind of Boxer when they leave my Home, sound, healthly, substance and life time of watching over them and their family and able to compete in SCH/Police or a Loyal companion. Just as Happy as the people of the past that got puppies from me. Do not have any DOUBT MY DOGS CAN'T DO THE REAL STREET WORK !!! "this is too all the People" That Doubts about the Boxer's that can be a real street dog .

My Boxers pups and/or parents range from BH TO SCH-3 and other Sport titles; With these Boxers not only can they do the sport; and police K9, they can be train in the most Advance Personal Protection Training. Looking into the eyes of the when challenge. You can see their Heart and Soul and then and only then you will see the True Working Boxer putting its own life on the line for you and your Family. If your looking for a for Sport/Police/Personal Protection and or reliable Family companion...Then look no Further!! I have the correct temperment..if train and raise correctly!! It's All up to you!!!

This is just a Hobby for me to past my time and enjoy the training and the people I meet.And enjoy my one or two dogs or what I might have at the time.!!
So Please enjoy my website.. I had only 3 Breeding in 19yrs.

Welcome to the new web site!22:23:54 / 2007-10-28
Male Puppy coming from one a True Working lines ;To The Hensberg kennel should arrived winter 0/8